Lamp - Model 3: Face to Face

Silent-box - Lamp Model 3: Face to Face

Ceiling or wall lamp, double bulbs, distanced from ceiling/wall by two tubes.

Composed by two separate elements: folded semi-transparent acrylic sheets.

Elements slipped together, glue and screw-less, forming a closed box.

Adaptation, minor dimension updates and fixing customizable.

Designer lamp, handmade, numbered series of 10 pieces, signed.



Acrylic sheet 8 mm, semi-transparent, milky; 


2, white / yellow LED; Bulb-socket: ceramic; 


length: 46 cm / 18 in; width: 15,5 cm / 6,1 in; height: 15,5 cm / 6,1 in;


2 kg.

Photo: Széll Árpád

Designer handmade lamps.

Made of Acrylic / Plexiglas sheets.

Limited, new series.

Adorján Portik

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